Swimmingpool Philippines

just relax...

to be continued soon...

I don't have time now...

I'm planning my own pool...

looking for the best way of construction...

and order pool accessories online...


Pool Accessories

Swimming Pools

Pool Filtration

Pool Filtration

Underwater Light

I will upload some images and information of building my "DIY" concrete pool, as soon as I start with the construction... I looked already more than 1000 Swimming Pools of Hotels and Resorts here in the Philippines, but I think, I cannot spend so much money ;)

If you know a good Pool Supply Shop in the Philippines, please send me your information, using the Contact Form - Thank you!

A List of Swimming Pool Construction and Supply, Swimming Pool Equipment Shops in the Philippines will follow soon...

The Pool Image above is the swimming pool of the Bayud Beach Resort, Malinao, General Luna on Siargao Island, taken in May 2012.

Swimming Pool schematic drawing - Pool plumbimg & filtration system layout
Swimming Pool schematic drawing
Swimming Pool schematic - larger Image

1 Salt Water Chlorinator
2 Electrical Panel
3 Sand Filter
4 Multi port valve
5 Filter pump
6 Check valve
7 Automatic Water Leveler
8 Wall inlet
9 Wall Skimmer
10 Main drain (Floor drain)
11 Underwater Light
12 Wall inlets

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